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Lead Electrical Engineer

Orbit Fab

Orbit Fab

Software Engineering, Other Engineering
Lafayette, CO, USA
Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2023

With a vision for a bustling in-space economy that can support permanent jobs in space, Orbit Fab is building the fundamental infrastructure this entire economy can be built upon: a fuel supply in orbit.

Today, satellites cannot be refueled. A single-use paradigm severely limits satellite mobility and holds back the development of economic activities in space. Orbit Fab is building the first Gas Stations in Space™ refueling infrastructure. We develop the supply chain architecture and technology to deliver propellant in space, allowing satellites to be built for lower cost, to be more flexible and maneuverable, to be more precisely controlled, and to operate longer, enabling operations and business models that have never before been imagined..

Established in 2018, we have already flown three tankers to space; with the first one flown within one year of founding. Working closely with partners and customers across the space industry, we are making the thriving in-space economy a reality.

You bring years of knowledge and passion for the following disciplines to the team:

  • Space Systems Engineering (specifically, experience across both Big and Small space missions at a variety of institutions).
  • Space avionics and electronics

In addition, the ideal candidate will be an authority in both mission systems engineering and satellite hardware and have an established record of leading space systems engineering teams in fast-paced environments. Exceptional candidates will have worked on systems for Rendezvous, Proximity Operations, and Docking Algorithm or Hardware Development.


  • Define, review, and critique engineering processes.
  • Technical decision-making processes and technical development across various space systems disciplines.
  • Lead technical reviews.
  • Provide mentorship and guidance to junior EE team members
  • Guide electrical engineering processes and facilitate technical trades across the system.
  • Identify technical issues and proactively implement resolutions to mitigate schedule and cost impacts.
  • Design, test and fly electrical and avionics systems across Orbit Fab's Tankers, Docking Hardware, and Spacecraft Fill/Drain components.
  • Specific tasks may Include:
    • Circuit/Board Design
    • Board Bring Up
    • Rapid Prototyping for test
    • EEE Parts and/or Radiation Parts Analysis
    • Design for electronics mission lifetime and architecture
    • Hardware in the Loop (HWIL) Testing
    • Participate in the development of systems engineering products, spacecraft architecture, trade studies, requirements development, verification, and validation plans.
    • Identify and interface vendors to carry out spacecraft electrical components selection and planning.
    • Provide technical mentorship to team members and monitor the technical integrity of all team member contributions.
    • Contribute technical knowledge around electrical engineering/avionics to proposal development and writing.
    • Monitor and adhere to efficient program budgets, schedules, and resource plans.
    • Hiring, staffing, and personnel management of EE team


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in engineering, physics, mathematics, or other related discipline.
  • 7+ years of experience in spacecraft electronics design, development, and/or testing across multiple flight projects/programs.
  • Ability and desire to mentor and advise junior team members in a collaborative environment
  • Experience taking multiple products or multiple iterations of a single product from concept phase through prototyping, launch, and operation.
  • Demonstrated leadership of space systems electrical engineering teams. By this we mean championing projects or group tasks; managing or organizing a project, team or task; or communicating (internally or externally) the vision/direction/goals of a project or team.
  • Breadth of experience as an electrical engineer as well as significant experience as a technical authority in one or multiple technical areas within or across EE disciplines including:
    • Power Electronics
    • FPGAs and Digital Systems
    • Control Systems
    • Electrical Systems Engineering
    • Parts Radiation/EEE Parts Analysis
    • EMI/EMC or Signal Integrity
    • Electrical Manufacturing
  • Experience with JIRA or JIRA-like tools (Asana) and requirements tools like JAMA or Valispace.
  • You share our appreciation for a diversity of thoughts, backgrounds and experiences, helping us all learn from each other and make smarter decisions.
  • Experience defining customer needs and crafting engineering requirements, including a proven ability to successfully push back on unnecessary or mission affecting customer requirements.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Ability to travel (5% to 10% time expected), including international travel as needed


  • 10+ years of experience in satellite design, development, test, and operations.
  • Masters, Ph.D., or other advanced degree in engineering, physics, math, or related discipline.
  • Experience with key mission design, detailed analysis, and engineering management tools: circuit design/modeling software (we use Altium), SPENVIS, and Matlab
  • Familiarity with the spacecraft component supply chain and contacts or relationships with vendors cross the supply chain.
  • Experience with both low and high budget space system development.
  • Design experience and mission heritage in GEO or deep space missions and a technical authority in design methodology, ramifications, and design selection process for GEO and/or deep space avionics hardware design
  • Experience with spacecraft and subsystem environment definition (radiation, thermal, EMI/EMC, etc.) and design approaches (at LEO, GEO, and Deep Space).
  • Experience with Spacecraft propulsion systems and pressure systems.
  • Experience with Level 2 Spacecraft Design/EEE-INST-002 or similar standards for spacecraft design
  • Experience with spacecraft and spacecraft subsystem fabrication, assembly, and test; understanding of qualification, acceptance, and proto-flight verification approaches.
  • Previous experience working in a multi-disciplinary team.